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Mulesoft Training by Sathya Technologies is designed to understand primary principles of Mulesoft technology and its usages in Finance, Insurance and various Government sectors, learn about distributed ledgers, Hyperledger, crypto currencies, bitcoin mining and more. The course aims at preparing you to take on new roles evolving in the market across various verticals. Companies are coming out with new business models using Mulesoft technology for creating open financial systems, new consumer finance options where a steady need for Research Analyst, Business Analyst etc are needed.

Why This Course?

  • Average Salary of a Mulesoft developer is $ 65,000 PA
  • Mulesoft developer ranked 2nd among 20 fastest growing skillset.
  • Financial Institutions, Insurance Sectors, Government Sectors are all using Mulesoft technology steadily to roll-out multiple services to the customers.

Upcoming Batches

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About Course

Mulesoft is a lightweight Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration platform running on the Anytime Platform Engine that allows developers to connect applications together quickly and easily enabling them to exchange information and data across applications.

As a one-stop- shop solutions for enterprise application integrations challenges, Mule Enterprise Service Bus provides a simple easly to use, middleware technology solution that can quickly, easily and securely connect all the fragmented applications of an enterprise.

Primary tools provided by MuleSoft:

  • AnyPoint Enterprise Security: helps protect enterprise applications against external threats and safeguards the system.
  • Mule Enterprise Management: Middleware connectivity software helping oraginzations to easily integration all its legacy, ERP and other application systems.
  • DataWeave: provide a simple and easily to use Data warehousing tool for data visualization and data transformation.
  • AnyPoint Studio: for designing and development of integration applications solutions with a simple and easy to use graphical design environment.

The training program on MuleSoft at Sathya Technologies offer in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of Mule applications and practical usage of the multiple tools offered. The training starts with introduction to the importance of middle-ware applications and technology solutions available. Proceeding further the training focuses on learning the AnyPoint runtime platform, advance topics focus on connectivity to various databases, web service applications, JMSA Queries etc. The program content is well designed to help students master all the key areas of Mulesoft.

How the program will be conducted

Sathya Technologies with its start-of- art class rooms and Lab infrastructure at Ameerpet Hyderabad offer the best and most conducive learning environment, with a team of highly skilled trainers having years of industry experience. Classroom trainings will be conducted on a daily basis. Practical exercises are provided for the topics conducted on daily basis to be worked upon during the lab session.

Online session conducted through the virtual classroom also have the same program flow with theory and practical sessions. Our Labs can be accessed online from across the world allowing our online training student to make the best use of the infrastructure from the comfort of their home.

Career Opportunities in Mulesoft

Middleware technologies are used extensively across big and small enterprises. Skilled MuleSoft resources are in great demand across industry verticals as middleware architects, security administrators and data and content managers, technical developer for development and deployment of applications on the Mule ESB etc.

Training programs on MuleSoft by Sathya Technologies focuses on empowering the students with the latest concepts and industry specific topics. Our well experienced trainer and well planned course materials ensures for 100% success in interviews.

Who can learn?

Targeted Audience

  • IT Managers
  • Design Architects and Solution Engineers
  • Students/Fresher’s
  • System Administrators
  • Developer

Pre-Requisite for learning the course

Basic understanding of JAVA programming or other Object-Oriented Programming language is good. Some amount of Hands-on with networking and cloud computing, integration technologies, XML, JSON will be an added advantage.

Mulesoft Course Syllabus

Content Will be Coming soon…


Sathya Technologies offer certification programs for MuleSoft tools and technology. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of Mule tools. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to various tools available under MuleSoft.


In the event of missing out of attending any session the student can

  • Attend the same in another batch for classroom training or online training
  • Get access to the recording for the missed session

With over 2 decades of experience in training and consulting Sathya Technologies have a large client base and we constantly get requirements for providing good resources. On successful completion of the course and completion of real-time project, students are requested to submit the updated profile with Sathya Technologies. Our placement team will notify the students as and when suitable opportunities are available.

Free demo sessions are conducted before the start of every batch which allows the students to get a firsthand interaction with the trainer.These demo session also help the student to understand the training methodology followed by Sathya Technologies and also help visit and review the classroom and lab infrastructure and facilities.

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