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JQuery training by Sathya Technologies is designed to help you quickly and easily master this simple JavaScript Library. Used for event handling, animation, AJAX and many other activities, JQuery provide simple easy-to- use API’s which can work comfortably on almost all of the popular browsers. JQuery helps improve the development timelines for web applications and is used extensively for client-side scripting requirements.

Why This Course?

  • A great skillset to possess for Web developers.
  • Lot of opportunities for fresh college graduates.
  • Popular add-on with JavaScripts which can run easily on multiple browsers with ease.

About Course

Invented for managing the digital currency, BITCOIN!, JQuery technology allowed digital information to be distributed but not copied. This innovative data management technology today is the backbone of new age internet technology. Every passing day the tech community is coming up with new and innovative way of using the advantages of the JQuery technology.

As distributed database JQuery holds information as a shared and continually reconciled database. The JQuery database is not stored in any single system making the information are truly public and easily verifiable.

Our training on JQuery technology offer in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of JQuery and practical usage of the technology. The training starts with introduction to the importance of consensus in transactions, how transactions are stored in JQuery , invention of JQuery and creptocurrency and BITCOINS. Proceeding further the training focuses on Ethereum platform and the supporting programming language. Setting up private JQuery using Ethereum will be the focus of the practical training with contracts on Private Ethereum JQuery on the web and console mode. Hyperledger and Multichain and its usage will proceed and other key concepts of JQuery will drive the remaining part of the training program.

Objective of the course

  • Master the key BlockChain technology concepts.
  • Learn designing and deployment of private BlockChain and monitoring.
  • Working with Multichain and private BlockChain
  • Working with Ethereum BlockChain
  • Using BlockChain transactions and miner validations
  • Installing Hyperledger composers
  • Understanding application of Market Friction

How the program will be conducted

Sathya Technologies with its start-of- art class rooms and Lab infrastructure at Ameerpet Hyderabad offer the best and most conducive learning environment, with a team of highly skilled trainers having years of industry experience. Classroom trainings will be conducted on a daily basis. Practical exercises are provided for the topics conducted on daily basis to be worked upon during the lab session. Online session conducted through the virtual classroom also have the same program flow with theory and practical sessions. Our Labs can be accessed online from across the world allowing our online training student to make the best use of the infrastructure from the comfort of their home.

Career Opportunities in BlockChain

With the popularity of distributed database increasing exponentially, opportunities as JQuery developer/consultants/architects has been growing in all major industry sectors like Financial application, Enterprise processing, Business Service sector etc. Training programs on JQuery technology by Sathya Technologies focuses on empowering the students with the latest concepts and industry specific topics. Our well experienced trainer and well planned course materials ensures for 100% success in interviews.

Who can learn?

Targeted Audience

  • Business associates
  • System administrators and DBA
  • Software Programmers/Developers
  • Students/Fresher’s

Pre-Requisite for learning the course

Experience in any object-oriented programming language with fundamental knowledge of networking is required. Hands-on experience on LINUX operating system is advantageous. Scripting languages likeJavaScript will add value as it improves the overall learning experience.

BlockChain Course Syllabus

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Tracing Blockchain’s origin
  • The shortcomings of current transaction syatems
  • The emergence of bitcoin
  • The birth of blockchain
  • Revolutionizing the Traditional Business Network
  • Exploring a blockchain application
  • Recognizing the key business benifits
  • Building trust with blockchain

  • Why its called Blockchain
  • What makes a Blockchain suitable for business?
  • Shared ledger
  • Permissions
  • Consensus
  • Smart contracts
  • Identifying participants and their roles

  • Recognising types of Market Friction
  • Information Frictions
  • Interaction Frictions
  • Innovation Frictions
  • Moving closer to Friction – Free Business Networks
  • Reducing information friction
  • Easing interaction friction
  • Easing innovation friction
  • Transforming Ecosystems through increased visibility

  • Financial services
  • Commercial financing
  • Trade fince
  • Cross – border transaction
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Supply chain management
  • Health care
  • Electronic medical reports
  • Health care payments pre authorization
  • The Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Hyperledger vision
  • Hyperledger fabric

  • Deciding whether Blockchain has a place in your industry
  • Identifying speed bumps in business processes
  • Determining how blockchain can help
  • Choosing a appropriate use case
  • Determining the goal of your blockchain network
  • Identifying dependencies
  • Choosing a blockchain provider and platform
  • Developing and developing chain code
  • Testing and Fine-Tuning your application and network
  • Joining the hyperledger rocket chat channel


Sathya technologies offer certification programs for JQuery technology. Certificates are issues on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination. Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of the JQuery technology. The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to the JQuery technology and its applications.


In the event of missing out of attending any session the student can

  • Attend the same in another batch for classroom training or online training
  • Get access to the recording for the missed session

With over 2 decades of experience in training and consulting Sathya technologies have a large client base and we constantly get requirements for providing good resources. On successful completion of the course and completion of real-time project, students are requested to submit the updated profile with Sathya Technologies. Our placement team will notify the students as and when suitable opportunities are available.

Free demo sessions are conducted before the start of every batch which allows the students to get a firsthand interaction with the trainer.These demo session also help the student to understand the training methodology followed by Sathya Technologies and also help visit and review the classroom and lab infrastructure and facilities.



I recently attend online training course for JQuery with Sathya technologies, and I’m very happy and satisfied with the delivery. The faculty was very good and had good understanding of the subject and drived the class with all real time examples. The course content was well structured and helped me understand the subject very well. I’m very much satisfied and will surely recommend my friends about Sathya Technologies.

IT Analyst

Attended JQuery program recently at Sathya Technologies. It was pretty good. The faculty was good and did justice to the training program. As a professional JAVA developer, I was a bit pessimistic about the course initially. But the way the faculty did the training with all real time examples and good structured explanation help me master the subject quickly. I must say the learning curve for me was very short and I’m very happy about the decision I took to join Sathya Technologies.


Good course, good training by faculty at Sathya Technologies. I attended Jquery as I was working on JAVA for some time and wanted to improve my skillset. The trainer has good real time experience and conducted the session with wide varieties of real time examples to discuss each and every topic. I’m very much impressed by the overall delivery by Sathya Technologies and I’m planning to attend some more courses related Web application technologies in the near future.


The JQuery course at Sathya Technologies was par beyond excellence. Very well documented course content keeping in mind the latest market trend. The faculty was fantastic. Customisedthe training according to the class needs. The institute has excellent lab coordinators . I would surely come back for other courses in the future.

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