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ASP.NET training at Sathya Technologies is great way to learn and master the skills required to get hands on with Server Side programming. ASP.NET is a open-source server-side web application framework which help in the development of dynamic web pages. ASP.NET allows the usage of the MVC framework to develop applications, providing developers full control of the Models, controllers and views being designed. Developed by Microsoft as open-source web application software, ASP.NET has gained significant usage across industries for Web application developments.

Why This Course?

  • Average salary for ASP.NET is about $ 106,000 PA.
  • Web application programming will remain in demand for long time now, owning to the constant growth in the internet and e-commerce industry.
  • Business processes and Digital Marketing growth has increased the usage of web application solutions across industry verticals.

About Course

Developed by MICROSOFT, ASP.Net is an open-source programming language primarily used for development server-side application programs. The language is extensively used by developers to build dynamic web application and web services.

The training on ASP.NET by Sathya Technologies offers deep understanding of fundamentals and practical usage of the programming language. Starting with basics of .NET programming, the course covers SECURITIES, WEBPARTS, CONFIGURATIONS, CRYSTAL REPORTS and AJAX. The course material and course curriculum is designed to meet the current industry needs.

How the program will be conducted

Sathya Technologies with its start-of- art class rooms and Lab infrastructure at Ameerpet Hyderabad offer the best and most conducive learning environment, with a team of highly skilled trainers having years of industry experience.  Classroom trainings will be conducted on a daily basis. Practical exercises are provided for the topics conducted on daily basis to be worked upon during the lab session.

Online session conducted through the virtual classroom also have the same program flow with theory and practical sessions.  Our Labs can be accessed online from across the world allowing our online training student to make the best use of the infrastructure from the comfort of their home.

Career Opportunities in ASP.NET

ASP.NET programmers will always remain in demand, as it is the most preferred programming language for building dynamic web application and development of web services. Opportunities as senior/junior .NET developer are a constant requirement across IT industry.  Training programs on ASP.NET programming by Sathya Technologies focuses on empowering the students with the latest concepts and industry specific topics.  Our well experienced trainer and well planned course materials ensures for 100% success in interviews.

Who can learn?

Targeted Audience

  • Students / Fresher’s
  • Software programmers
  • Testing Engineers
  • Web Developers

Pre-Requisite for learning the course

Basic understanding of C C++ programming language. The understanding of Object-Oriented programming constructs will be an added advantage.

ASP.NET Course Syllabus

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Error Handling in .Net Runtime
  • Catching Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions
  • Custom Errors
  • Page Level Error Handling
  • Application Level Error Handling

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Types of Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Passport Authentication
  • Examples on Forms Authentication
  • Asp.net Membership Provider
  • Forms Authentication Classes
  • Authorization
  • Login Controls

  • Configuration Overview
  • Machine.Config and web.Config
  • Configuration File Format
  • Custom Error Handling
  • Client Centric Controls

  • Configuration Overview
  • Machine.Config and web.Config
  • Configuration File Format
  • Custom Error Handling
  • Client Centric Controls

  • New Concepts in WEB-Applications
  • Advantages and Dis-Advantages

  • Need of Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports – Reporting Tool
  • Versions of Crystal Reports
  • Developing a Crystal Reports

  • Ajax Architecture
  • Client Centric Controls
  • Server Centric Controls
  • Real Time Project Development in ASP.NET By Using 3-Tier Architecture and N-Tier Architecture.
  • Client Centric Controls


Sathya technologies offer certification programs for ASP.NET programming.  Certificates are issued on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination.  Students are requested to participate in the real-time project program to get first-hand experience on the usage and application of ASP.NET programming.  The real-time projects are designed by our team of industry experts to help students get best possible exposure to ASP.NET programming and its applications.


In the event of missing out of attending any session the student can

  • Attend the same in another batch for classroom training or online training
  • Get access to the recording for the missed session

With over 2 decades of experience in training and consulting Sathya technologies have a large client base and we constantly get requirements for providing good resources. On successful completion of the course and completion of real-time project, students are requested to submit the updated profile with Sathya Technologies. Our placement team will notify the students as and when suitable opportunities are available.

Free demo sessions are conducted before the start of every batch which allows the students to get a firsthand interaction with the trainer.These demo session also help the student to understand the training methodology followed by Sathya Technologies and also help visit and review the classroom and lab infrastructure and facilities.


Ram Charan

Sathya Technologies is an excellent training institute for ASP.Net. The trainer was extremely skillfull. He even taught complex topics very efficiently. The lab facility was excellent .the course was a smooth progression. The institute was very thorough in all the aspects and I would like to thank the entire team for such a wonderful job.


As part of my engineering project, I decided to do a project on .NET, as I was not very comfortable in the language.  Based on my friend’s advice I joined Sathya technologies for ASP.NET.  The training program was excellent, and the faculty Mr. Reddy was simply superb.  He help me understand the basics of the programming language very clearly and also guided me through my project also.

Vara Lakshmi

Recently  attended training program for ASP.NET with Sathya Technologies.  The course was conducted by Reddy Sir, and I my say the program was excellent and Sir was good.  Thanks to the training I was able to understand the fundamentals for programming, something I was lacking of behind on.  So, for me the ASP.NET training was a win win because, I learned a new language and also, improved on my basic programming skillset.  Thank you Reddy Sir for such an excellent couching and being a good guide.

Sathya Sai

We have been using the services of Sathya technologies for our training requirements for some time now.  As part of our boot-camp training we used services of Sathya Technologies for providing training on ASP.NET.  as usual Sathya did an excellent job, and conducted the training very well. The feedback for the participant was great, and the program helped out new recruits to get on-boarded to project quickly and effectively. Good work Sathya Technologies.

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