•    Business Domains and Information Technology

Introduction to Business Domains Information Technology and Business Data and Business

  •    Data Warehouse Concepts

Introduction to Data Warehouse Characteristics of Data Warehouse Facts and Dimensions

Difference between OLTP and OLAP Architecture of Data Warehouse Various Data Warehouse tools

  •    The Data, Tables, Database and SQL

Introduction to Data and Importance Introduction to Tables and Database Introduction to SQL

SQL for Tableau Developers

  •     Business Intelligence (BI) Concepts

Introduction to Business Intelligence The importance of Business Intelligence The relation between BI and DW

Tools and Technologies in BI are


  • Tableau introduction

Tableau Architecture

Tableau introduction and overview

Workbook, Stories, Dashboards and Worksheets Data Sources and Data Connection Types

  • Filters and Sort

Define filters – Filter on Measures and Dimension, Global filters, Context filters. Define filtering at source.

Explain sort.

  • Graphs/Maps/Charts

Define bar charts and line charts. Define individual, blended and dual axis. Define filled maps and symbol maps. Define heat maps and tree maps

Define pie charts. Define Gantt charts.

  • Sets and Groups

Define Groups

Define Sets

Join Data using Sets

  • Calculated Fields

Introduction to Calculated Fields Define Table Calculations Define Date Calculations

Define String Calculations

Define Logical Functions

Define Aggregation and De-aggregation

  • Data presentation and analysis

Define Forecasting, Trend Lines, Reference Lines Define Drop lines, Annotation

Define Summary card

  • Actions

Explain Actions

Actions using – Filter, Highlight and URL

  • Dashboards

Explain dashboards

How to create a dashboard Explain Dashboard formatting Actions in Dashboards

  • Data Blending and Data Refresh

Define Data blending Define Data Refresh Explain joins

Performance aspects of Data Refresh

  • Report Migration Process

Introduction to Environments

Report Migration Check-list

Source Data and Data Refresh Needs

                                                                                 TABLEAU SERVER

  • Tableau Server Administration (Concepts)

Publishing, Scheduling and Sharing Security, Authentication and Access Roles and Responsibilities

Performance Monitoring and Tracking

  • Tableau Server Advanced Administration (Concepts)

High Availability

Backup and Recovery

  • Tableau – R – Integration (Concepts)

How to Integrate R using Tableau Server Tableau Server Role in Integration

  • R output as Input to Tableau

File Based Integration of R with Tableau

                                                     TABLEAU LIVE PROJECTS and CASE STUDIES

  • LIVE PROJECT 1: Tableau as BI reporting tool in INSURANCE Domain

Overview of Insurance Business

Insurance and Information Technology

Insurance dependency on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Tableau as BI reporting tool in Insurance Domain

  • LIVE PROJECT 2: Tableau as BI reporting tool in BANKING Domain

Overview of Banking Business

Banking and Information Technology

Banking dependency on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Tableau as BI reporting tool in Banking Domain

  • LIVE PROJECT 3: Tableau as BI reporting tool in RETAIL Domain

Overview of Retail Business

Retail Industry and Information Technology

Retail Industry dependency on Business Intelligence and Data