Angular JS course training institute ameerpet hyderabad

Angular JS Course Content


  1. Introduction to client side Technologies, JavaScript
  2. Understand of client side frameworks: AngularJS
  3. Introduction to AngularJS and Features
  4. Introduction MVC Framework
  5. Creating web pages with AngularJS
  6. Directives in AngularJS : ng-app, ng-model, etc
  7. Programming Views in AngularJS
  8. Expressions in AngularJS
  9. Filters in AngularJS
  10. Event in AngularJS
  11. Two-way binding with View and Model
  12. Working with Controllers in AngularJS
  13. Usage of $scope service in AngularJS
  14. Share data between Controllers
  15. Functionality with Angular forms
  16. Modules in AngularJS
  17. Services in AngularJS
  18. Learn about Routing in AngularJS
  19. Ajax in AngularJS
  20. Working with angular-ui
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Angular JS
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